How do I get UlcerFoe and UlcerSafe?

You can order online or get your local saddler to stock it for you.
If in the UK, please go to www.healthygutpro.co.uk

Why UlcerFoe and UlcerSafe?

UlcerFoe is a gentle, affordable natural herbal supplement that acts extremely quickly to maintain your horse’s FULL gut health - FORE and HIND gut. Many products only help maintain the health of the FORE gut, but not the HIND Your horse needs a balanced gut Ph, but due to horses modern regime, there is often far too much acid production, which will result in an unhealthy gut and so your horse needs a supplement to help balance this.

How does UlcerFoe work?

The herbs in UlcerFoe work to maintain optimal health in the whole of the gastrointestinal tract by maintaining the balance of naturally occurring juices as well as supporting the systems closely related to the digestive process.

How quickly will I notice?

You will start to notice in around 48-72 hours. It is recommended you feed one tub of UlcerFoe (around 4 weeks -1 Month) and then go onto the maintenance ration of UlcerSafe to help maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract.

How do I give my horse the herbs?

Simply add them to their feed, we recommend in the evening. A scoop is provided.

How do I give them to my foal?

Please assume that a scoop of Ulcerfoe does a 500kg horse and scale down accordingly. We find the best way is to mix with some warm water and gently syringe into their mouths. We also find that they don’t seem to mind the taste!

How palatable are the herbs?

Horses love them! We think they have a ‘gut feeling’(!) that they’re good for them - they know best. For foals we recommend mixing the herbs into a paste with water and syringeing them

What herbs are in UlcerFoe and UlcerSafe?

The herbs used are: Marshmallow, Chamomile, Golden-Seal, Slippery Elm, Cascara, Shepherds Purse, Rosehip, Plantain, Yarrow, Myrrh, Licorice Root and Pau d’Arco.

How long shall I give my horse the herbs?

This really depends on your horse and also its regime We recommend around 4 weeks on UlcerFoe (one tub) followed by a maintenance ration of UlcerSafe to help maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract - Or, just one tub of UlcerFoe and then have a spare tub handy to give for a few days at times of potential stress - such as travelling, fireworks etc to help maintain a healthy gut. Some particularly sensitive horses or those in a particularly pressured or stressful regime stay on a daily measure of UlcerFoe to help maintain a healthy gut You know your horse best, so constantly observe his temperament and physiology

Can I keep my horse in work during treatment?

Yes, the herbs will not upset it in any way.

How do I keep my horse’s gut healthy?

You know your horse, so just keep an eye on him. If he is displaying behavioural or physiological change or tension UlcerFoe will help maintain a healthy gut as well as supporting the systems closely related to the digestive process Checkout our Help your horse page.

Lifestyle changes which reduce stress all help.

How quickly will I get UlcerFoe and UlcerSafe?

We send the herbs 1st class and aim to post them as soon as possible after receiving your order.

And lastly! How expensive is it? It’s so inexpensive!!

At only £50 for a tub of Ulcerfoe, which lasts around a month and from £33 for UlcerSafe, it’s by far one of the most cost effective products on the market. And it works!