Just a few of our happy customers:

"I’ve been using Ulcerfoe since the beginning of the season it’s very easy to feed and my horses find it very palatable. The horses have improved in their bodily condition and they are racing very consistently, I couldn’t be more pleased with the product and shall certainly continue to use it, I would recommend it highly."

Richard Rowe - Horse trainer

"I am an animal therapist and saddle fitter and see many horses suffering with signs of gastric discomfort. Over the past few months I have recommended this product to several clients and in every case the owner has reported an almost immediate change in their horse's temperament. The horses are more relaxed, calmer, less sensitive to touch, nolonger reactive about being saddled or girthed and have become much happier to accept treatments from me. I would rate this as one of the best gastric supplements on the market and recommend it to anyone who's horse is showing signs of discomfort. Thank you for making such an excellent product at an affordable price."

Eiddwen Skellon

"Transformed so many of my horses, polo ponies, race horses and ex racers...works so quickly! I highly recommend to anyone to treat as a matter of course, so many have ulcers and don’t show any signs."

Laura Catriona Elliott reviewed UlcerSafe - UlcerFoe – 5 star

"I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT ...... I LOVE WHAT YOUR PRODUCT HAS DONE FOR MY BEAUTIFUL MARE THANK YOU 😁 it’s like Magic I can hardly believe the difference in her. Depression gone, tucked up gone, weight gain back I’m just sad I didn’t put her on this months ago. Thank you again."

Hilary Booth and Flicker

"Tried this on my hyper, skinny, wind-sucking stress bag mare, who had a course of Gastro Gurad with little effect. Magic is all I need say. "

Samantha Moody

"My 12 year old PBA is a sensitive boy and has always had a tendency to be very easily stressed. Small changes to routine or management that many other horses would take in their stride really upset him. He lives out 24/7 during the Spring and Summer and is stabled at night during the winter. Last winter he took this in his stride, but for some reason unbeknown to me; this winter he became very distressed in the stable. This led to a huge drop in condition, combined with stress induced laminitis in all four feet. After many tests to determine the root cause and suspected Ulcers being part of the diagnosis I was recommended Ulserfoe by my horse’s breeder. What can I say?! This product is nothing short of a miracle in a tub! My horse loves it (which tells me he knows he needs it) and I now have my happy, relaxed boy back He has rapidly begun to improve and is now on the road to recovery. I have already bought the maintenance product, Ulsersafe, and will absolutely continue with this natural remedy long term for my horse’s wellbeing. Huge thanks Caroline!"

Claire Baker, Devon.

"Hello, Just to let you know, since being on Ulcerfoe my pony has been so much better in herself. She is no longer grouchy when grooming or racking up and when riding it has just made the world of difference. This product really is amazing. All the horses at my yard, since being on Ulcerfoe have all become so much better."

Hermione, Tonbridge